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José Ortiz CPA and Certified Tax Coach

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Tax Planning

Tax Planning is our signature service because of its immediate value to our clients. Real Estate provides investors with some of the best opportunities to leverage loopholes and the more than 400 deductions provided by the IRS code. We’ll work with you to make the most profitable decisions and shifts throughout the year that will add up to significant tax savings. The U.S. tax code supports every piece of advice we provide you. Stop leaving money on the table out of fear of attracting the IRS’s attention!

Tax Preparation & Compliance

If you've filed your own tax returns in the past, you know that preparing your income tax returns can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. What's more - you might be one of the 93% of business owners who overpay their taxes. Our tax preparation services are aligned with your proactive strategic tax planning - providing you with a wholly integrated and worry-free tax season experience.

Advisory Services

The complexities involved with investing in Real Estate demand that you become a forward-thinker. It starts with defining the vision for your life, business, and legacy. We’ll help you chart the course by refining that vision, assigning corresponding goals, and identifying the Key Performance Indicators to help monitor our progress. You’ll always know where you are on your wealth-building journey. We’ll make adjustments and take advantage of opportunities along the way.

Business Formation and Compliance

For many real estate investors, a common mistake is selecting the wrong entity for their circumstances, needs, or goals. Our cash-saving strategies start with ensuring that you are leveraging the correct entity to maximize tax savings and minimize liability, legal fees, paperwork, and more.


Whether you invest in short-term rentals, rehabs, or multi-unit buildings - our bookkeeping services provide our clients with accurate and timely financial reporting - helping you put time and money back in your hands. We'll prepare financials for your properties, design your personal financial statement, and more. Our real estate accounting experts are in your corner, whatever the task.

Accounting & Back Office Software

Which accounting software is best for my business? What software tools can we leverage to make managing our investments more efficient? These are some of the more common questions that we hear from clients. We analyze your current processes, make recommendations, and identify the best software tools and integrations available.

Why Us?

How do we stand out from other financial service providers?

Many accountants and tax professionals are transactional and retrospective thinkers. We are a relationship-based, forward-thinking firm whose value is derived from saving you lots of money on the four I’s – the IRS, Interest, Insurance, and Investments.

We leverage three types of financial intelligence to gain a comprehensive understanding of your
business and save you lots of time and money:

  • Hindsight – To know where your business is going, we need to understand where it’s been. We review your prior bookkeeping and tax returns to determine ways that we can save you money on your real estate investments.
  • Insight – We leverage our bookkeeping and advisory experience to monitor your current cash position, income, and expenses to maximize your profit while also evaluating the tax consequences of investment decisions.
  • Foresight – This is where we help you shine! We start with tax planning to ensure that you are minimizing your future tax obligations. We then work with you to create a flexible budget and financial projections, and KPIs to keep you on track with your long-term goals.


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Simple answers for your most common questions.
I am not a real estate investor, but I’d like to start saving on taxes and building wealth. Do you work with businesses in other industries?

But of course! But while we will work with anyone, we do not work with everyone. We leverage our curated discovery process to get to know you and your business to determine if you are a good fit for our services.

Do you work with businesses outside of your locality?

With a focus on technological innovation and continuous process improvement, we havedesigned our practice to provide the same service and value we would deliver to our local real estate investors. To save you time, our complimentary discovery call is conducted remotely.

How are you different from other accounting professionals?

We are a proactive firm that prioritizes relationships ahead of transactions and maximum value delivery over hourly fees. We view our clients as partners who share in the accountability over the performance of their businesses. Learn more about us by scheduling a complimentary discovery call today!

How much do your services cost?

While many industry peers charge based on the hour, our forward-thinking firm prices our services based on the ridiculous value that our clients receive. Each client’s situation is unique, and we build our pricing to reflect the needs of our clients and the deliverables they desire.

Book a complimentary discovery call and see how investing in our services can save you time and money.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Register for a complimentary discovery call and learn about the multitude of ways we can save your business money and deliver maximum value.


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Here’s How You Can Skip Your Next Tax Payment!

I can’t predict how much your session might save you. But you’ll know as soon as you send in your tax returns for my free analysis. I’ll review them in detail and look for mistakes and missed opportunities. When we meet for your free mini-tax planning session, I’ll share with you what I find so you can begin saving immediately. Business owners just like you have used our strategies to save thousands, year after year. You owe it to yourself to ensure you’re not missing any legal savings.